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Our social legacy network enables you to create and permanently share a personal history or life story while supporting America's schools. Click here to see a short video describing out program.

Our Heritage Honor Roll brings together the unique stories of Americans from every walk of life and gives them a permanent home online. By joining the Americans All® social legacy network, you can honor and preserve their legacy and become a school sponsor. Sponsorship gives a K–12 school access to funding and high quality instructional resources and professional development!

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Importance of Legacy Preservation

America, families and future generations are losing critical aspects of our history, because we are failing to preserve and share the life experiences of countless individuals and groups. Every individual, family or or business has a valuable story to be shared. These life stories can inform, entertain or even inspire others.

Value of Social Studies Education

State- and grade-level-specific social studies resources—presented from multiple perspectives and housed in electronic databases—cater to diverse and technology-oriented students. Life stories captured through the Heritage Honor Roll also afford students valuable insight for their study of history and heritage.

Benefits of Heritage Honor Roll

Stories on the Web-based Heritage Honor Roll preserve the legacies of our people and nation. When social network members (sponsors) create these life stories, they also give schools access to high-quality classroom resources, additional professional development opportunities and a funding tool to generate revenue.